Stuff happens - We are here to help


What ever it is, from a coke spilled on the console to a lightning strike that let the magic smoke out of all your dimmers, we want to get you back up and running as soon as possible.


If something goes wrong, we are ready to help you get your equipment back up and running as soon as possible by servicing it here at the factory or supporting you with troubleshooting and a field repair.


If you are qualified to make a field repair, we are happy to support you with some of the parts needed for more common repairs.


Legacy Manuals

Over 30 years there are some products we no longer produce, but that doesn't mean some of those old manuals aren't still available.

Please see below for our available past products' manuals.


Manuals for Legacy Products

  • IQ192 IQ192 DMX Controller
  • CM-SS/TS ControlMaster Single-Scene / Two-Scene
  • SM1 SceneMaster One



  • TechPro II PC Expansion Card interface for PC-DOS, DMX512 out
  • StarPort DOS Parallel Port interface for PC-DOS, DMX512 in and out
  • StarPort Win USB interface for Windows 98/XP, DMX512 in and out


Old Versions of Manuals for Current Products

  • DM124 DimmerMaster 124 (Shoebox)
  • DM406 DimmerMaster 406 (Shoebox)
  • DM410 DimmerMaster 410 (Shoebox)
  • HLC1-6 1 to 6 Channel House Light Controllers
  • IQ512 IQ512 DMX Controller

StarPort Software for Windows Downloads