The DimmerMaster 2412 WM Terminal Block wall-mount is a rugged dimmer pack featuring twenty-four channels at 1200 watts per channel. The dimmer pack has both analog (0 to +10VDC) and DMX-512 control inputs. The input terminal block can be configured for three phase or single phase power. The terminals for load and power are located at the top for easy access. The pack mounts on the wall via slotted holes located 16" on center at either side. Removing the cover plate gives access to the wiring, removable 24CFC control card, and the dual SSR power cubes for field service. The breakers are conveniently located on the front panel for quick access. The status light located at the center of the panel, between the breakers, indicates power and DMX control presence.


  • SSR modules (40amp240V)
  • Control input: 0-10vdc & DMX
  • 10A fully magnetic circuit breakers
  • Dim. 24"H x 18"W x 5.25"D
  • Terminal block in/out
  • Replaceable control card
  • Select DMX starting channel
  • Mt. holes 16" on center
  • Fan w/ thermostat
  • Single or three phase
  • Wt. 69 pounds
  • One year warranty

Available with 24 U-Ground outlets on the unit's top face for hard patch capability.



Modular Rack Mount DMX Dimmers

DimmerMaster modular dimmer systems load into standard 19” cabinet racks for customizable installations of 4 to 72 channels per cabinet of 2.4kW dimming. Consisting of a 72 channel control unit and one or more 4 channel dimmer units, DimmerMaster modular dimmer systems are easy to configure and maintain. The control unit has both DMX-512 and analog (0 to +10 VDC) control inputs and features signal present and overtemperature indicators. The dimmer units have power-pole inputs and terminal outputs and feature high magnetic circuit breakers, dual 40 amp solid state relays, and large 450μs risetime filter chokes. Power input to the rack is either three phase 120/208 VAC or single phase 120/240 VAC. Compatible with incandescent and many dimmable LED or fluorescent loads, modular dimmer systems are perfect for houses of worship, television studios, and theatres that want to start with just a few dimming channels but have room to grow. 


The MD424 modular dimmer is the "muscle" of the modular system — an expandable heavy-duty, 4 channel, 2.4kW rack mount unit. The MD424 mounts in any 19" rack cabinet. Expand from 4 channels to 72 or more. Works in conjunction with the MD-CTRL DMX and Analog Interface module.



  • Rack mountable (standard 19" cabinet rack)
  • Three phase 120/208 VAC or single phase 120/240 VAC power input
  • 4 to 72 channels at 2.4kW per channel
  • DMX-512 and analog 0 to +10 VDC control inputs, highest takes precedence
  • Signal present and over temperature indicators
  • 20 amp high magnetic circuit breakers
  • Dual 40 amp solid state relay modules
  • Large 450μs risetime filter chokes
  • Powerpole input and terminal output from dimmer panels
  • Quick connect & disconnect control headers on ribbon cables


The MD-CTRL, control module, for 19" racks is the "brain" of the modular system. It receives the DMX-512 signal and analog control signals using 1 to 3 24CFC boards to drive as many as 18 MD424s (72 dimmer channels). The control cards are front replaceable plug-ins to facilitate troubleshooting. As many MD-CTRLs as you like can be added to a system to handle any number of desired channels. The MD-CTRL is available pre-configured with 1 to 3 control cards.


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MD-CTRL24, Module with 1 Control Card

MD-CTRL48, Module with 2 Control Cards

MD-CTRL72, Module with 3 Control Cards

24CFC Control Card (up to 24 Channels) for replacement or upgrade


Modular Dimmer System Packages

Permanent Rack Installation


Modular 19" Rack Mount Systems can be used in Permanent, Portable, or Wall Mount configurations. These package systems include the Control Module and rack system.

DM1224-MD 12 Channel System

DM2424-MD 24 Channel System

DM4824-MD 48 Channel System

DM7224-MD 72 Channel System

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Portable Rack Case

Wall Mount Configuration