Send it to us!

Non-warrantee repairs have an $80 minimum charge (plus parts, shipping, & handling) plus $80/hr after the first hour of work. If the product requires extensive work, we will call after an initial assessment with an estimate for approval. Typical repairs are usually less than $150 total.

For the fastest repair service you must:

  1. Fill out the Repair Form.
  2. Send the product & repair form to
    Dove Systems, Service Dept.
    3563 Sueldo St., Suite E
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
  3. Pack the unit securely. Use crushed newspaper for packing material. Do not send other items in the same box.
    • Do not send power cables or connectors, unless you think they may be part of the problem. The power cords especially are very heavy and add considerably to the cost of shipping. Also, they tend to flop around and may dent or scratch the equipment.
  4. On the form under "Reason for Repair," please explain the symptoms of the problem.
    • Example 1: "Dimmer number 3 is stuck "on" and cannot be dimmed."
    • Example 2: "Channel number 4 flickers when control slide pot is moved."
    • A simple description of a sentence or two is best. Think in terms of symptoms (e.g. one channel stuck at full) rather than causes unless you happen to have done the damage yourself.
  5. Include your return shipping address and daytime phone number on the form.
  6. Include the date that you need it back Example: "We have a show Friday night."
  7. Use UPS or FedEx. We will return the product by the same service that it was shipped. You will be charged for shipping expenses.
  8. For repairs, we do need to receive payment before returning the unit. Since blank checks aren't so popular in spite of working well, including credit card information on the repair form works well. If you prefer, note that we should call or email you with the total charge to receive your payment by phone or online.

Most repairs are in the shop for only about one day. Be sure to consider the shipping method.

Can I fix it myself?

Under the standard warranty, equipment will be repaired at no cost, except for shipping expense from and to the customer, over a period of one year from purchase. Equipment that fails within the warranty period must be returned to the factory for repair, as we cannot reimburse third parties or cover failed field repairs.

The shoebox dimmers, IQ series, and TechMaster series controllers are not designed for field service and should be returned for repairs.

Some problems with other equipment can be fixed by those familiar with a soldering iron, basic hand tools, and a voltmeter. To that end, we are happy to support you with replacement parts. By far the most common problems are bad connections, dirty slide pots in controllers and shorted triacs in dimmers. Sometimes a problem can be isolated by swapping chips on a circuit card or swapping entire cards. A voltmeter can come in handy for testing continuity or verifying that a signal is present. Repairs of greater complexity ought not be attempted in the field, even by those users with advanced technical expertise.

Can you send me a schematic or code for the processor?

Sorry, but if it is not already in the manual we do not release that proprietary information. Most repairs do not require schematics. When faced with a deadline, swapping chips and cards can be effective.

Can you send me another to run my show?

Dove Systems does not maintain a loaner or rental stock. The first place to turn for replacement equipment in a hurry is your local dealer.

How do I get a replacement power supply in a hurry?

The IQ192, IQ512, IQ8, Sublime, and Techmaster products all use a "wall wart" type AC adaptor for 120V 60Hz input, 12VDC 500mA output or greater with the center pin as positive. It is available through Dove Systems or Jameco as their part number 102496. In a pinch, another power supply may be purchased locally. The output is on a 2.1mm x 5.5mm coaxial connector. The center pin is positive. The outer shell is common.

Bottom line:

Calls to 805-541-8292 with technical questions are always welcome, but the amount of telephone support that can be offered in any given situation may be limited. Experience has shown that nothing beats Federal Express Priority Overnight service for a quick repair by a factory technician, even when a show is opening soon.

Where was that repair form again?